Admission of Iraqi students to study in the College

Admission of Iraqi students to study in the Iraqi universities: –

  • Nationality: Iraqi
  • Status: holds the high school certificate (Iraqi certificate) and graduate the last year or last three years.
  • Medical checkup.
  • Should not be graduated previously from any faculties of institutes.
  • Students will not be allowed to mix between the study and the government job, except the evening studies.
  • The students whose graduated from Islamic high school within the 25% of whole students can enroll in the faculty of Islamic science and also in the following departments (Arabic language and history) in both of College of Art and the College of Education.

Admission of Arab and foreign students in Iraqi universities

  • Arab and foreign students can be enrolled according to the International conventions between the Iraqi government and the student’s countries.
  • Arab and foreign students can be enrolled with their sponsor by submitted their documents to the Iraqi Embassy in their countries.

Admission requirements for morning and evening study

  • – The students should have the Iraqi’s high school certificate.
  • – The student who doesn’t have an Iraqis high school certificate from the ministry of education / Iraq, should make the Equivalent certificate and authenticated it from the ministry of education and ministry of foreign.
  • – The date of graduate for the students from the high school should not more than three years.
  • – Fill up the enroll documents and the fees
  • – For the foreign student who is not fluent in the Arabic language is given a preparatory year at the Institute for the Teaching of Arabic Language to non-native speakers at the Faculty of Arts.
  • – The enroll for studying start on the 1st of July till 15th August.
  • – Positive Medical checkup.
  • – The students can be moved from the international faculties to the Iraqi faculties with the same conditions of the moving for the local students.
  • – The international students can get the study pass visa after getting the university offer letter from the Iraqi universities.
  • – The documents that international students need are the same for the local students.