Overview (Description):

The department is granting a bachelor degree of engineering (B.Eng.) in Electrical Power Technology Engineering. The study in the department is distributed over four years. Each academic year is consisting of 30 weeks. The study in the department is divided into two sides: the practical study alongside with the theoretical study. In addition, students in the summer holidays of the second and third academic years are joining training practical courses in one of electrical power station in field of electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution to gain real experience of dealing and operating these stations.

The department has several scientific laboratories including: Electrical Machine Lab., Electric and Electronic Circuits Lab., Computer Lab., High Voltage Lab., Measurements Lab., and Power System Analysis Lab.

Description of graduate

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering Engineering prepares the graduate to be a technical engineer with the ability to work in power plants, power transmission stations, distribution of electrical power and workshops for the maintenance and operation of electrical and electronic equipment in these stationsز