Overview (Description):

The Department of Computer Technology Engineering was formally established in 1992. Whereas the time of study in the Engineering technical college is four years, which accepts the graduates of the secondary school, the scientific section, as well as the graduates from the Foundation of Technical Education in the second year.

The department graduates granted a bachelor in computer engineering.

The college is characterized by the practical study, which comprises 10% of the weekly study hours. Where the student practice the education practically in the workshops, and the laboratories. As well as practicing the engineering training in the country facilities and establishments in addition to the available factories for both, the second and third years of study.

The graduates are accepted as members in the Iraqi Engineers Association and have the same rights as the engineers graduated from the other universities.

Description of graduate

Alumni description  of computer engineering techniques department

Alumni description  of computer engineering techniques are qualified to be engineers that have the capability to design and design and implementation  of various digital machines ,maintain them and have the knowledge about all computer system operation ,as well as , alumni should be capable of the following. system maintenance and fault diagnosing capable.

2.complete knowledge about the computer hardware.

3.control and timing system operation knowledge.

4. alternative computer hardware design.

5.development and enhancement of computer system.