Establishment Of The College

About the Technical Engineering College of Mosul (TECM)

The Technical Engineering College of Mosul (TECM) since its establishment in 1993 has focused on technical education. The TECM is located in the east bank of Mosul as the Tigris River divides Mosul city into east and west sides.   Across from the TECM, there are two historical remnants; the wall of the oldest Assyrian city, Nineveh and one of its historical gates known as “Nergal Gate”. Behind this historical gate, the ancient greatest Assyrian empire was established.

TECM has concentrated on creating a high technical educating environment in an academic and practical scope.

This vision has been built to support the markets requirements and aiming to be one of the International scientific institutions.

One of the TECM goals is to provide high quality technical education throughout tracing scientific developments around the world. Engineers who graduate from the TECM are highly qualified to meet the markets needs. Quality assurance of outputs is the message of the TECM.

One of the TECM priorities is to prepare qualified technical personnel with different educational levels (Bachelor, Master) be able to deal with various modern techniques. In addition, the TECM is aiming to widen both the vertical education throughout opening higher educational levels like Diploma and Doctorate, and the horizontal education by adding new engineering specialties. These goals will assist in preparing qualified graduates who are able to work in different sectors.

The TECM College has worked on setting up channels with the local, Arabian and International scientific institutions in order to keep in touch with latest updated techniques and do experience exchange.

The TECM since its establishment has aimed to build a cultural field characterized by spreading the spirit of teamwork, integrity, transparency and keeping the College away from politics.

The TECM has the following scientific departments for undergraduate studies:

  • of Computer Technology Engineering (established 1993).
  • of Medical Instrumentation Technology Engineering (established 1994).
  • of Electrical Power Technology Engineering (established 1995)
  • of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology Engineering (established 1999).
  • of Building and Construction Technology Engineering (established 2004).

Offered Degree:

The college offers a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree in the five aforementioned specialties.

Normative Duration of study:

A preparatory school graduate (scientific branch) admitted to the study of B.Eng. degree has to complete the degree requirements in FOUR successive academic years.

Graduates of technical institutes (in the first phase) with a diploma background similar to the above specialties has to complete the B.Eng. degree requirements in just THREE successive academic years.

Study program and admissions

Student acceptance depends mainly on the availability of admission requirements, the student’s average score, the priority of his/her review of the college, and completion of admissions requirements.

The Technical Engineering College\ Mosul considers the annual studying system in offering degrees. The academic year consists of 30 weeks including both theoretical and practical lectures and labs respectively. Moreover, the student has to participate in summer technical training programs in the second and third academic years as partial fulfillments of the requirements of the B.Eng. degree.

Postgraduate studies:

The TECM offers a Master of techniques (MTech) degree in the following fields:

– MTech in computer techniques engineering.

– MTech in building and constructions techniques engineering.

The student admitted to the study of MTech Degree in the college has to complete its requirements in TWO years full-time study. The first year 12 modules, 6 per semester, the MTech project proposal should be submitted at the end of the 2nd semester. The second year: working on the MTech Dissertation. The student is expected to pass the Viva examination at the end of his research to have the MTech Degree.

Cooperation with community

TECM seeks to open channels of cooperation with community by establishing educational and practical courses for training different segments of society and institutions in governmental and private sectors.