Mission & Scientific Aims


To preamble the theoretical and practical environment for the students through giving valuable lectures in the field of specialization and conducting laboratory experiments as well as scientific researches using the available laboratory devices in the department laboratories.


  1. Branch of Renewable Energy Engineering

Description of the under graduate work

The BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering Techniques/Renewable Energy Engineering focuses on the design and analysis of various thermal systems. Therefore, the graduates of the Renewable Energy Engineering often find themselves within two professional tracks: “Research and Development” and “Design and Construction.” This field qualifies the engineers to work in the following areas:

-Solar modules / solar thermal.

-Biofuels, wind and solar energy.

-Power and Electricity Companies.

  1. Branch of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering

Description of the under-graduate work

This field Qualifies the under graduate to perform the following engineering work:

  • Conducting the thermal loads calculation and selecting appropriate operating systems as well as feasibility study on various projects in the field of competence.
  • Diagnosis of faults and maintenance of various systems (small, combined, separate, central, steam systems, etc.) that used for industrial and service purposes.
  • Developing the refrigeration and air conditioning systems in accordance to the climatic and environment conditions of the country by keeping up with technological development in this area.
  • Installing, operating and managing the maintenance complexes related to this field.
  • Performing research in order to rationalization the energy as well as finding the alternatives in the field of competence.

  1. Branch of Production Engineering and automation

Description of the under graduate work

This field Qualifies the under graduate to perform the following engineering work:

  • Designing the productive machinery and various manufacturing processes with best efficiency.
  • Improving the production and control the machines.
  • Managing the machines by using modern technological methods.