Study Plane Mode

Study plane Mode

Postgraduate study in construction materials technology engineering degree requires two years of study comprises coursework, research mode and mixed mode programmers, where students incorporate both research and courses in their studies.

The first year includes two semesters, and each semester includes many courses with its corresponding practical study. The second year is dedicated for thesis with a faculty adviser in order to answer a fundamental science/engineering question that contributes to new knowledge in the field. Students formulate the problem under the faculty adviser’s guidance and conduct extensive quantitative or qualitative analyses.

Study Objective :

1- A knowledge of the properties, standards of quality, standards of classification of the construction materials.

2- An understanding of the uses and limitation of the construction materials.

3- An understanding of the requirements for proper placing , installation , or workshop of the construction materials.

4- Ability to select the Appropriate type and producer for the use of the construction materials according to construction requirements

5- To understand the requirements of these materials, their behavior and mechanism of deterioration.